The Wreckage

For you, My twisted destroyer..

* You made me fall hard for you, It was the feeling of an eternal high that went on for so long, I was clinging on to you.. desperately.. because I thought you loved me as I loved you.

* I wanted you, I needed you.. but you disappeared on me, You left me confused and emotionally dysfunctional, I ran from my emotions, the ones that you messed up, I kissed others underneath twinkling stars and neon lights. Just wishing it was you, but it never was to be true.

* My heart was hurting, it was bleeding red.. so much of it could’ve painted the sky, I wanted to be with you.. but you destroyed me, You kept on wrecking my walls.. breaking me down until finally I crashed.

*I wanted to destroy you as much as you ended up destroying me. You should be hurt, but that’s not happening because I think you don’t feel pain.

* I know I should’ve told you more, When you told me you loved me I couldn’t say a word, I should’ve let you in more maybe you would’ve stayed, but you never did. I wanted you for so long that you ended up making me mad, don’t ever tell me that I just left you alone.. because I was there even though you never were for me.


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