The Book B*tch Diaries: The 1st one



“The 51 year old Singleton”
By the GLAMOROUS Helen Fielding

Fourteen years after landing Mark Darcy*edit* she’s back!

During a day of mindless Googling I ended up on Helen Fielding’s Wikipedia page, While looking at the details of her entire life (or at least the wikipedia version of it) I spotted that she’s writing her continuation of Bridget Jones’ s life.

 Of course I was excited, another socially awkward and funny time with the Silk cut smoking-chardonnay popping diva. Who captured our attention by going through the same   social blunders we  experience in our lives.

But this time our beloved Jones is dealing with 21st century 1st world problems. (E.g twitter, WhatsApp, instagram, functioning complicated remotes, toy boys and… dare I say it. Middle age) While  raising her two children in a world without her Mr. Darcy.

Despite my bubbly introduction to Helen Fielding’s finale for our quintessential heroine’s tale . Bridget Jones: Mad about the boy has a slightly darker tale compared to its predecessors.

The first of many twisted plots start when we found out our favorite barrister is dead, (How: I can’t really tell you until you have decided to buy yourself a copy of the book) leaving Bridget alone with their children William a.k.a “Billy” and Mabel Darcy.

Despite this tearful fact, Helen Fielding still manages to get in a lot of laughs here and there, but it doesn’t change that the world Bridget lives in now is nearly as dark as a Starbucks mocha frappuccino and it is still something I can’t get over with.

To those who read the book, didn’t we all have that impression that Bridget will get her happy ever after?

Helen Fielding gives us an in depth view of what it is like being a woman in the “middle- age” of the 21st century.

She satirizes current issues the modern older woman goes through, menopausal, botox and toy boys ( younger men who have sexually beneficial relationships with older women).

and “@JONESEYBJ” (Bridget) handles these issues with the hilarious yet cool charm we all know, while still recording her thoughts, calories and now her twitter followers through a funky  mash-up of emails, texts, tweets and diary writing.

To be honest I thought I wouldn’t even get the actual book after trying to read the sample chapters on the Google play store last year if it weren’t for the fact that the book was on display in the book store I work in.

Needless to say it is still a must- read for Jones Fans out there, despite these little things that I have shared with you, because it is still the essential Bridget that we all know even though Helen Fielding wrote her in the same age mentality  which wasn’t really right for the current life time Bridget was in, In some ways it’s endearing but there are times I would  think that hopefully  my own mother won’t turn out like that. ( but I guess It’s to each her own)


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