The essentials

In every girl’s bag there should be the ff:
1. A cigarette case with all your nice cigarettes in a tidy row.
2. Condoms, because you never know when you’ll get laid. (Sober or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry)
3. Blowfish.. because you never know when you’ll be hungover.
4. A regular bic lighter, for emergencies or if you’re about to get stoned.
5. A zippo lighter, for the sake of your nicely packed cancerous cigarettes and to look cool.
6.Dior’s color reviver lip balm, to prevent dark lips because of excessive smoking due to stress and sexual frustrations.
7. A lip tint to color up your pretty revived lips.
8.Red lipstick to make it known that you want to party and you are happy looking hot.
9.Primer because you want your skin looking great.
10. Concealer because you want to hide your ugly spots.
11. Foundation because you want to look perfect.
12. Valentino’s dual lip gloss and perfume pen for easy application of signature scent.
13. Tweezers in case you see yourself with messy eyebrows and a mustache.
14. Wireless headphones when you don’t feel like talking to people or if you want to live in the world with your own theme song.
15. Sunglasses to block out the uglies in your world and to generally look bitchy.
16.Wallet with your money and starbucks card, when you feel like buying something to make you happy or you just want to have a chai skinny latte from starbucks.
17. Blush to make your cheeks pop or if you just want to have a fake blush on the go when you try to “blush” because of a guy’s compliment.
18. Tampons when the curse of the month arrived. It also means you are not pregnant.
19. Make up brushes so you can apply said make up above.

And finally…

20. Eyeliner.. a must if you want to complete the awesome bitch look you have on right now.

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