Online dating, is it really legit? Or has it become a total Vanity Fair?

To inform everyone, The woman writing this sappy tale has already experienced several experiences regarding this new wave of dating. Once upon a time, when the world was at the start of its innovations and technological advancements. The dating world between men and women has slowly evolved with the times. But the question is, in […]

Book B*tch Diaries: Bitters and Sweets

It was a normal Tuesday night, I was waiting for him to come because we made plans to see each other since it was going to be his last week in the city  before he leaves for Jolly old Austria, I was nearly broke with nothing but a bunch of twenties scrunched up in my […]

“At the Moment Girl.”

What is an “At The Moment Girl”? an ATMG is apparently someone entertaining ,who can be ridiculously fun to talk to yet you find yourself attracted (sexually also) to her. There would always be something that can make you an ATMG like how you are as a person or if there is something as stupid […]