In case you haven’t noticed, I am a girl.

“The unspoken rule of being fuck buddies.

“You cannot care or like this person”
You shouldn’t care about whatever he does when you’re not together

You don’t ask if they’re going out with other people, because they probably are! Just don’t ever ask.

And if you do ask you just fucked up; big time.

Never admit to caring or even having feelings. It really Complicates everything.

Because said things mentioned above tend to happen.

So, the whole reason why I am writing this is because of a roller coaster situation everyone goes through.

“I like you” when he tells you that,  i know what you must feel, you feel so ecstatic and confused. Of course you brush it off because for you ” he was just saying that because we had sex”

Number one thing to do right after your sexcapade is to believe in this thoroughly, unless you want to wake up hurt because he didn’t message or call you right after or the next day.

That is :

“The body is primal, so just because you two had such a great vibe it doesn’t mean he wants anything serious at all.”

So anyway, while you’re sipping morning mimosas the right thing to do is to expect he won’t call, because face it;”sex is something so easily given and taken with little regard for human empathy.”

So expect the worst honey; you are way better off expecting typical guy bullshit, than waiting for him to come to his senses about how he has met an amazing girl.

He says shit that he’s getting attached to you, but fuck, get a grip woman. Don’t think about it. Any lad within their young adolescence. Of course wants to fuck around and not have anything serious.

If he says that he likes you and plays along the lines of why you won’t admit you like him, fast forward to after you do. You feel weirdly possessive, but of course you don’t want to admit it.

Instead you hide your wretched emotions and convince yourself so many times it means abso -fucking-lutely nothing.

But no, you’re in deep now, he knows you like him, but you won’t say it. Because you’re scared that the more you open up to him, he’ll rip your heart into a million pieces.

Oh dear, he just did that when he said i’m going on a date. He decides to be honest with you, because man, you deserve honesty.

Well news flash buddy, we don’t need TOTAL HONESTY. it’s an unspoken cardinal rule. we don’t need a play by play.

We were better off assuming that on our own. We don’t have to actually know that. Come on feed a little lie every now and then. Nobody can ever be that honest. So what makes you think you’re that perfect? All humans are flawed and we lie to often protect ourselves.

But thank you, for confirming our assumptions about you, “because of the fact that you would rather be so bleeding honest.

You have successfully managed to officially make us think you are a douche, despite our camaraderie, the sex and how we are so comfortable with each other.

So congratulations, Mr. Nice Guy, you just proved how much a douche you actually are without trying.

So even if girls could be excellent fuck buddies and mates (aka One of the guys) we are still girls,prone to emotional tom foolery, even though we try to control it, We eventually end up exploding.

So to misquote Hermione Granger ( I don’t exactly remember the exact thing she said) but it probably was like this: ” in case you haven’t noticed I am spotted a girl.”


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